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"The Art-Net project is funded by the European Commission in the framework of the eLearning Programme. The main objective of the Art-Net project is to create a virtual space for the sharing of different sources, practices and methodologies for the teaching of art. The project is addressed to art teachers at all levels, who are willing to share teaching materials and methodologies with other European colleagues. "

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[15th January 2006]
Lov'Art Competition Winners

The winning art creation for the ArtNet project can be viewed in the Lov'Art section.

[5th December 2005]
International Workshop

On 5th December 2005 a group of teachers visiting the university for a project meeting were invited at Pixel for the day. They were introduced to the Art-Net project and portal and had the opportunity to discuss the project outcomes and test the ArtNet portal.

[February 2005]
Uploading of elearning courses

During the month of February the learning courses created by the teachers involved in the ArtNet project were uploaded under the Database section of the ArtNet portal. There are curently 25 elearning courses in the database, the majority of which are available in English and the national language of the author.

[January 2005]
elearning evaluations

The evaluations of elearning products and resources carried out by the teachers involved in the ArtNet project have been uploaded on the ArtNet portal under the Database section. The database currently contains around 90 evaluation forms.

[January 2005]
ArtNet Art Gallery

The ArtNet Art Gallery has been updated and now contains the works of some of the teachers involved in the ArtNet porject. For example "Sfaira" contributed by Tzortzina Kostopoulou from Greece.