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PIXEL has as its main aim the promotion of innovation in education and training processes. It has developed its own e-Learning platform and always integrates e-Learning modules into its training offers. It has also developed its own e-learning courses particularly focusing on the fields of IT and foreign languages. The training activities carried out by Pixel include: training teachers and trainers in the educational use of technology and in the management and integration of e-learning in traditional educational pathways; in-company training pathways focusing on IT, business management, quality, safety and language learning; training of young graduates so as to allow them to acquire the necessary skills to ease their entering in the labour market; training courses focused on equal opportunities issues. Pixel successfully completed several education and training courses both in the framework of European funded projects and private funds. Pixel is also constantly involved in research activities mostly related to the training sector.

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Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera

Founded in the second half of 18th Century, the Brera Academy of Fine Arts is one of the most ancient and famous faculties of arts in Europe. The faculty is composed of internationally recognised artists who actively pursue research in art and in criticism. Brera attracts a considerable number of international students. It offers both traditional and innovative courses such as: Decoration, Painting, Sculpture, Theatre Design, Contemporary Sacred Art, Restoration of Contemporary Art, Communication and Education applied to Art, Art and Multimedia Communication.

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Connectis is formed on the basis of operating in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Connectis covers various IT areas and focuses on software development and computer systems, the creation and production of multimedia material and computerized advertising graphics. Particular attention is given to the use and diffusion of New Technologies based on Internet use. Commercial and educational software is produced by Connectis. Connectis core business is the production of e-learning platforms.

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Municipality of Florence – Department of Public Education

The Department of Public Education of the Municipality of Florence has created a service named "Progetto Donna". This service has been created to promote equal opportunities for men and women. It provides pilot projects and plans to improve the cultural and professional growth of the women at work. It promotes initiatives aimed to overcome the discriminations between men and women in the labour market.
Direction of Education for the Liguria Region

The Direction of Education for the Liguria Region is responsible for all schools and educational institutes in the Liguria region of Italy.
Graphics, Multimedia and GIS Laboratory, University of Patras

The "Graphics, Multimedia and GIS Laboratory" of the Computer Engineering & Informatics Department of the University of Patras was established in 1994. The educational and research work of the laboratory is being executed within the framework of the Department's Computer Software Section. The laboratory is housed in the Department's new buildings and uses modern computational equipment. The activities of the Lab are focused in the areas of Internet and Multimedia technologies.

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Pädagogische Akademie der Diözese St. Pölten in Krems

The Pädagogische Akademie Krems is a small, semi-private college of education in the heart of Austria on the Danube river. We welcome exchange students from all over the world. We encourage character development in widening your horizons. The PÄDAK was founded in 1967. The Diocese of St. Pölten carries the maintainance costs and administration. The course of studies is based on the study plan designed in 2000 and follows the general rules set out by the Austrian Ministery of Education. In the academic year 2003/2004 about 500 students (initial and in-service teacher training)were enrolled with 120 teachers part and full time.

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The greco:transferstelle in Kleve (a small city in the federal state of Northrhine-Westphalia close to the Dutch border) is working for the local and regional authorities on the field of Socrates (Lingua A/Lingua B/Comenius 1/Comenius 3.1/Comenius 3.2) and Leonardo projects. The insitution has close connection to schools in the region which co-operate in various projects. Therefore the greco:transferstelle in Kleve is a link between schools and institutions in the country with partners abroad. We support schools to find partners, to fill in the applications, we offer in-service-trainings for teachers and we are responsible for the development of teaching and didactical material, we are creating networks of schools and institution.

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Bildungswerk ver.di

Bildungswerk ver.di is an non-profit institution located in Lower Saxony (north-western part of Germany) for the adult education an vocational training. It offers courses in Political Science, Communication, Environment, Languages, Design and Training courses for Women.
We have a staff of 55 persons. We are cooperating with other educational organisations (e. g. Deutsche Angestellten Akademie, DAA) and teachers.

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No limits education and training ltd

no limits’ mission is, enabling people to succeed. We do this by creating and delivering innovative programmes focused on personal development and developing peoples’ enterprise skills. no limits works in the following fields: • schools developing curricula, and delivering pupil’s workshops and teacher curriculum and professional development programmes • groups in the community, particuarly those most disadvantaged with our « KickStart » and « MovingOn » programmes • sports – developing the mental side of sport – goal setting, relaxation, visualisation and mental rehearsal. • organisations – public and private – delivering bespoke training and development based on our « no limits to success » programme • arts – developing resources for teachers, delivering professional development programmes in the creative arts and designing bespoke projects across all fields

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INFOREF,“Initiatives pour une formation efficace” (Initiatives for efficient training), is a non-profit association of teachers and technical educational experts offering services to primary and secondary schools and also to adult education. INFOREF has a large experience in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), because the main objective of this association is to promote the use of innovative methods and tools in the field of education. INFOREF has a full time staff of nine people. This staff is also supported by several teachers, consultants and technical experts.

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Soprintendenza BAP-PSAD

Soprintendenza BAP-PSAD is a local branch of the Italian Ministry for the Cultural Heritage (Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali), charged with the protection, communication and dissemination of the Cultural Heritage existing within its jurisdiction (West Tuscany). Its specific responsibilities are: - planning and direction of conservation activities on architectonic and artistic Patrimony - protection of historical landscape - communication and educational activity, to let citizens, schools, museum visitors, and tourists meet the Cultural Patrimony entrusted.
Kompetansemegleren as

Kompetansemegleren as is SME The company is offering our clients mapping, planning and training packages. We are working in process together with our client companies to cultivate the added value through initiating and accomplishing necessary development processes. Our lead competence is Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Improvement Processes/Quality Improving processes, Change Management, Strategic Management and Project Management.

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Nordland County Council

The department of Art and Cultural affairs at Nordland County Council has organised two projects: "Art in Nordland" and the "Cultural Schoolbag". The department will collaborate with Kompetansemegleren as in the Art-Net project in Norway.

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Cumbria Institute of the Arts

Cumbria Institute of the Arts is a specialist Arts Institute operating within the Further (16-19 year olds) and Higher Education sector. It offers a range of courses in Fine and Applied Arts, Communication and Media, and Cultural and Performing Arts at foundation, degree and postgraduate levels. It currently has approximately 1,200 students and 44 full-time-equivalent academic staff. The Institute is situated in Carlisle and has links with its local and regional community in the field of arts education.

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Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council is the11th largest local authority in the UK, it serves a population of 750,000 people,covers an area over 805 sqaure miles and employs 23,000 people. The county’s vision is to it to be safe, healthy, properous and attractive. To be somewhere where everyone can succeed, with fair access to opportuities and support to live a full and enjoyable life. Nottinghamshire’s priorities are Learning, Social Care and Health, Culture, Regeneration, the Environment, and the Community.