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DateType of EventTitle of EventPartner Involved
25th July 2004Website articlePresentation of the ArtNet projectPIXEL
26th July 2004Website articlePresentation of ArtNet projectPIXEL
30th July 2004Distribution of BrochuresDistribution of BrochuresPIXEL
4th - 8th September 2004International ConferencePresentation of the ArtNet projectPIXEL
6th September, 2004National meetingNational meetingNo Limits
20th September 2004National EventPresentation of the ArtNet projectBildungswerk verdi
20th September 2004Distribution of BrochuresDistribution of BrochuresPIXEL
23rd September 2005Meeting with TeachersMeeting with TeachersPIXEL
27th September 2004Exchange VisitPresentation of the ArtNet projectPIXEL
October 2004Newspaper articleArticle on the ArtNet projectBildungswerk verdi
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